New! One-piece Cut Cake Knife Cutting Clip Cake Pie Slicer Knife.

  • $6.99
  • Save 29%

This Cake Cutter and Server is a must for any cake related celebrations. You can also get more slices from the same cake, lets keep that secret!

No more fumbling around with a fork like you're in a bad infomercial while trying to get a piece of cake. The Slicer cake and Pie server lets you easily slice a triangle shaped slice out of a cake or pie and place it nicely onto a plate. To use it, simply slice it by pushing down from the top of the cake or pie, squeeze ever so slightly to grip the slice and transfer the cake or pie to a plate with ease.

Perfect Every time - Cut precise pieces of cake or pie with no effort Messy fingers no more - No need to get fingers covered in cake Great for Kids - No sharp blades Reusable and easy to clean Great for all sorts of cakes, birthdays, celebrations & more, cut the perfect slice every time. Not just cakes, it can also cut Pies.

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