How to make a Candy Covered Drip Cake.

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Willy Wonka is one of ALL TIME favorite movies.  Elise Strachan always wanting to make a Wonka Inspired Candy Cake for ages! So today, here it is!

Watch the below detailed tutorial video and needed ingredients!


Source: MyCupcakeAddiction

All the stuff used in the above video:
5 x vanilla cakes (approx 7"x 1")
note; go with a pound cake or mud cake for added stability
A double batch of buttercream frosting
Recipe link:
White chocolate, coloured (I used about 500g)

150g white chocolate
50ml heavy cream

Candy! Lots of Candy:
1 giant gummy bear
1 tall rainbow lollypop
1 large round lollypop (orange)
2 smaller lollipops (yellow & green)
Giant chocolate buttons
Candy coated liquorice bullets
Baby tears candies
Small round hard candies
Little round rainbow hard candies
Sprinkles - lots of sprinkles!

Cake leveler
Serrated knife
Cake smoother (or metal ruler)
Parchment paper
Offset spatula

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