How to ...Amazing Chocolate Eggs at Home!

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Amazing Easter Eggs that you can make easily at home.

The below video tutorial from Ann of How To Cook That shows step by step how make these amazing Easter Eggs.

Source & Credits: How To Cook That

To make your own chocolate Easter eggs at home you will need:

1 easter egg mold
Chocolate, if you don’t want that greasy mouth feel buy real chocolate that contains cocoa butter and temper it white chocolate oil based candy coloring (optional)

1. Spotty egg with m&m’s inside

Circle template for the dotty egg download pdf Candy food coloring (this needs to be oil based coloring so it doesn’t seize the chocolate)

2. Easter Egg with nest inside

White and dark chocolate
3 mini eggs (you can make these if you have a mini egg mold)
pashmak, persian fairy floss

3. The Golden Egg, filled with honeycomb

Milk or dark chocolate edible gold luster dust

4. Nutella Easter Egg

White and milk chocolate nutella

5. Fanta Egg

White chocolate popping sugar orange candy colour orange flavored candy

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